Breaking Through

We follow a specific process for every project we undertake.
Our team members will come to your property to inspect the inquiry first.
After conducting a full inspection, we will provide you with a solution.
We have a keen eye for detail.
We are always inspecting your building, to ensure it always gets greatly looked after.

cleaning services

Cleaning windows is one of our specialties and offer a full spectrum of services tailored to your needs.
We have the specific equipment and safety training to clean windows of any height. Window cleaning is quite tricky, especially in such severe conditions like hard access, extreme height or safety hard water removal.
Our crew will perform this affordable service quickly and safely so you can take care of the rest of your business.

caulking services

Do you have any leaking in your building?
Caulking compounds are used to fill and/or seal joints and gaps in buildings.
The water leaks we are most aware of are around doors and windows.
Caulk is useful because it can be used to decorate or repair and, most of all, it seals and protects.
It is a wonderful preventative and is easily replaced when its better days are past.
Caulk is inexpensive and easy to apply relative to the damage it prevents