Frequent questions about Industrial Rope Access

Although industrial rope access has been present in the work industry for many years. It still raises many questions about its nature and use.

For that reason, we from Rope1 access solutions decided to write this post with the main questions related to the theme.

  1. What is Industrial rope access?
  2. Is it safe?
  3. What are the benefits of this method?
  4. Where can I use rope access?
  5. Do I need this service in my project/building?

1. What is rope access?

Rope access is a group of techniques derivate from recreational climbing. It was being adapted more and more in the past few years for industrial environments.

Fortunately, with the quick growth of our industry now we can count on a wide range of products specially designed for industrial rope access.

We can list a few very characteristic things from our job:

  • Industrial rope access counts with two Low stretch ropes, mainline and backup line.
  • Two independent connection points.
  • A Full-body harness.

If you want to know more about its history, have a look in our other post about the rope access industry.

2. Is it safe?

Maybe the principal question made to us.

We can proudly answer that our industry has one of the lowest accident rates between the tradies professions.

Everybody knows the dangers that someone exposed to heights might suffer, in response to that our industry had higher development to control these risks and provide the conditions for a safe environment.

  • Especial equipment design with high-end technology.
  • Training requirement. There are training associations that regulate and provide certified courses around the world. Establishing parameters for the rope access industry.
  • Laws, acts, and regulations. These guarantee by law that anyone involved in working at heights job must have the minimum requirements to complete the task in a safe environment.

There is no excuse for not controlling the risks in our job.

3. What are the benefits of industrial rope access?

Our industry has advantages against some of the other access methods commonly used. 

No big structural needs. Also, less machinery and workers are necessary to complete a task.

From all that above we can list a few facts:

  • Best Cost compared to cranes, mobile lifts, swing platforms, and scaffolds.
  • It is safer. Each element involved in a rope access job will have specific training and high-end equipment, all of that in a very controlled environment.
  • Fast response. Rope can be quickly set up and teams will prompt start working. No heavy machinery needs to be put in place.
  • Less impact over a place. The business and buildings can carry on their activities while rope access services are being performed. Usually, there is no need for shutting down a place.

4. Where can I use rope access?

Rope Access is the way to get something done. For that, we conclude that it can be widely used.

Inspections of mines, bridges, buildings, wind turbines, oil platforms, and/or any high structure. These are examples that benefit from rope techniques.

As well, services of painting, rendering, electrical, engineering, sealing, cleaning, decoration… even the theatre and movie industries make use of ropes services.

5. Do I need Rope Access services?

In case you manage a place with high structures that needs maintenance, likely you might need rope access services at some moment.

If you are a developer and wish to provide a safe and effective environment in your workplace, you might need to use ropes access services.

For more enquiries about it, do not hesitate, get in touch with us.

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